„SinnReich“ – exhibition on human senses

This exhibition on perception with its interactive exhibits, combined with a training for school teachers and scientific talks is aiming primarily at school kids and at the general public, is also open free of charge to the attendees of the FENS Forum.
This exhibition offers a variety of interactive experiments focusing on human perception and is suitable for a wide audience. Our brains are constantly processing information to try to make sense of the world around us. What we perceive is the best guess of the brain based on information from our senses, and depends on various factors such as one’s personal experiences, sub-conscious expectations and preconceptions.
The exhibits invite you to confuse and confound your brain to explore and experience some amazing phenomena. See yourself grow from a midget to a giant, lose your balance, realize that reading is faster than thinking and take a deep look into your own eye!
Our partnes are the Schering Stiftung, the Otto Bock science Center, which offers in addition an interesting permantent exhibition on medical engineering and artificial limbs, and the exhibits are on loan from the"Turm der Sinne".
The exhibition is in German Language and addresses school classes, teachers and the intersted public.

Download flyer.